Connections to Alternative Health Practioners 

Pathways is pleased with its connection with and service to Integrated Healing Arts(IHA), housed at the same location, and the most comprehensive holistic health facility in Northern California. Pathways co-founders, Paul and Jim, are also co-founders of IHA, which believes that All Healing is Self Healing. IHA operates on the principles of China’s ancient wisdom, which states that the highest healer is one who teaches people how to live in harmony with their inner nature. Both Pathways and IHA realize the essential unity of body, mind and spirit, and are dedicated to providing classes and programs that support our clients and students in finding that unity within themselves.

Modern life can be very stressful for the human organism, which needs wisdom and support in order to flourish. Over 40 individual IHA practitioners offer a wide variety of holistic services to body/mind/spirit. Pathways offers a means to ground and anchor those health improvements. Current research also indicates that social and community involvement—especially in a spiritual setting—is markedly healthy for people. Pathways tends to give people a healthy sense of connection to others and the universe in a way that makes their lives more happy, healthy and content.

Pathways is also deeply connected with and supported by the Kriya Yoga tradition of Paramahansa Yogananda. Kriya Yoga teaches the Eternal Way of all mystical traditions and offers practices that enable students to find and follow their True Nature.