What does “Pathways to Self Healing” mean?
The ancient traditions of Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam and Christianity all teach The Art of Living, a holistic set of guidelines and suggestions for living full and healthy lives. All are therefore Pathways to Self Healing: They maintain that human life devoid of Self-knowledge, love, balance and spiritual awareness is meaningless; and they point out that only by keeping faithful to our True Nature, aligned with Inner Spirit, the Self, can our lives have the cohesion and order that enable us to thrive in our daily lives.

Do you teach or practice a certain religion?
The only True teaching is universal in nature, that which is recognized as Truth by all religions and enlightened minds everywhere. We at Pathways to Self Healing teach the only Truth and practice that cannot be argued with–the Truth of personal experience. The teachings and practices at Pathways derive from the whole-being wisdom found at the heart of all spiritual paths. We teach a universal spirituality that includes the essence of holistic health.

How did Pathways to Self Healing Start?
Paul Sibcy and Jim Charlton began teaching together in 1986, beginning with basic meditation training, which led to a teaching that encompasses all religious traditions and holistic practices. They noticed that a life out-of balance breeds ill health, and that ancient spiritual traditions stress a balanced, spiritually centered life, based on Self knowledge.

I’m really busy. Why should I add spiritual practice to my long list of things to do?
When we integrate spiritual practices into our busy lives, we discover a deep sense of Self that provides a foundation of strength and peace we had never before known. When we study the ancient teachings, we embody their wisdom into our lives in a way that opens our hearts to ourselves and others and the world around us. The wisdom, peace and love thus found gradually illuminate our lives so that they are transformed, and we find ourselves making choices that bring health and peace to ourselves, our community and the planet.