Self Realization Gathering “The Importance of Connection”


Every gathering attracts people who are interested, or even dedicated, to what that gathering represents. Homeowners meet at HMOs, stress sufferers at stress reduction meetings, money people meet at money gatherings, golf enthusiasts at “the inner game of golf.” We all have shown an interest in Self Realization, in finding and realizing our True Nature. Our gatherings, whatever they may be, are self-selecting, and reveal to us what we truly value. It’s all good and it’s all right.

Awareness as the Means to Self Realization

Golf enthusiasts crave long drives down the fairway and precise putts in the hole. They gather to learn how to do that well. Self Realization enthusiasts gather to learn and practice tools for Self Realization. We crave to free ourselves from the ego’s bonds and find freedom as our liberated selves in the present moment.

As golfers have clubs and balls to practice with to become better golfers, we SR folks have our awareness devices—our bodies, emotions, minds, relationships and daily experiences. The golfer hooks or slices and learns from that how to better wield the club: We notice the tension or movements in our bodies, feel emotions rise and fall, notice our breath alternate with our various relationships and reactions, feel our connection to our fellow beings and their suffering, and develop our intuition; all of which helps us know who we are and who we are not.

I talked to a woman today who is developing her intuition. She wants to learn how to follow it, rather than her thinking mind. She’s learning, but to do so she has learned to practice all of the above, so she in not carried away by the ego. To paraphrase Ogden’s quote from last week, “We are either host to God, or in bondage to the ego.” Our Self Realization gathering helps us differentiate this host/bondage issue, and helps us keep our focus.

Practice! Wherever you are and whatever you do, practice.